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About Michael Collins


Michael P. Collins is President of MPC Management, a consulting company that focuses exclusively on the problems and challenges of small and midsize manufacturers (SMMs) of industrial products and services. His consulting clients range from small family-owned machine shops to large machinery manufacturers.He has worked with a wide variety of job shops including foundries, machine shops and fabrication shops on a wide variety of management, marketing and manufacturing issues.

Manufacturing Experience

with the NIST Manufacturing Extension Partnership--he’s helped companies make the transition from being "Defender" organizations focused internally, on process change and cost-cutting, to "Prospector" companies focused externally, on finding new markets and profitable growth.


  • Consultant to the National Institute of Standards and Technology's (NIST) Manufacturing Extension Partnership program.
  • Developed a Marketing Assessment for NIST based on his classification of manufacturers.
  • Developed 3 levels of industrial marketing training for the MEP Centers and many workshops for a wide variety of small and mid size manufacturers.
  • Mr. Collins has an M.B.A. from City University and a B.S. degree from Portland State University in Portland Oregon.


Speaker and Trainer

Mr. Collins is a frequent speaker on manufacturing issues. His vast experience gives him a wealth of knowledge and small business experiences to share with his audiences. He delivers his message with a mix of practical business methods and the "street smarts"that comes from having "done it."

With his extensive experience, Collins customizes his keynote to address specific industries. He also excels at conducting hands-on seminars and workshops that can range from 1 hour to 8 hours.

He also offers workshops to manufacturers on a variety of topics including Finding New Customers and Markets, New Product Development, and How To Do A Turnaround Plan. He also teaches courses on industrial marketing and does a 10 week seminar on Industrial Marketing Essentials.

Personal Commitment

Michael Collins is now a management consultant, writer and trainer who focuses only on small and midsize manufacturers.  He believes that manufacturing built this country and it cannot be allowed to decline. He has committed himself to devoting the rest of his working years to helping SMMs and to make the issue of a declining manufacturing base more public. He strongly believes that saving American manufacturing is the key to preventing the decline of living standards for the middle class.

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