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Workshop - Innovation and New Product Development For Small and Midsize Manufacturers (SMMs)

Time Needed for Presentation:
Workshop 3 - 4 hours*

Presentation Description: While the U.S. is one of the most innovative countries on the planet, the pace of innovation - and the percentage of successful new product introductions - is not good enough. We believe that one of the best ways a company can build a defensible competitive advantage in the global marketplace is to innovate around products and services. We know that this can be done better, more efficiently and with a higher success rate

American manufacturers are some of the most clever and innovative in the world. But, the fundamental issue is not whether the new product is unique.  It is whether customers buy enough of them to justify the costs.

Not theory, this illuminating program is packed with real-life examples of how companies have successfully introduced new products and integrated innovation in their cultures. Michael P. Collins is an expert at developing industrial new products (not consumer products) and has 35 years of experience.

The session is wrapped around three different kinds of new products -simple low cost products for small companies, machines and custom products for medium size companies, and leading edge technology products for large companies. His presentations are designed to fit the size and resources of the manufacturer. He offers a 2-step, 4-step, and 7-step process depending on the size, cost, and complexity of the new product idea. 

Bottom-line. Learn to gather the information to increase the probability that your new product will sell in the marketplace.

* Workshops are interactive events where the manufacturer asks questions on specific problems  in their company and the presenter offers solutions that the participant can take back to their plant. Maximum – 25 people and 4 hours.


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