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New Strategies for a New Century

Keynote address reveals how U.S. manufacturing companies can succeed in today's competitive global economy.

Who is successfully manufacturing in the U.S., and how are they doing it? Mike Collins knows. He's spent the last 10 years working in and researching the fast-changing industrial manufacturing sector, carefully noting the strategies used by thriving companies. During the same period he also implemented his own successful "turnaround plan" of two industrial divisions

The New Stars of Manufacturing

Through his experience and research, Collins' has identified 25 new "Stars of Manufacturing" that are successfully navigating today's highly competitive global economy, while many others struggle to survive. In his keynote speech, New Strategies for a New Century, he reveals the names of several Stars and describes the strategies that have lead to their success. These Stars have many things in common:

  • All are growing  -  Even in declining industries.
  • All are leaders in their markets  -  Most are #1.
  • All are progressive in every way  -  They see opportunities in the new economy, where others see only challenges.

Common Strategies

But that's not all they have in common. Collins' extensive research demonstrates that each of these Stars of Manufacturing draw from a common group of ten strategies to find its unique route to success. In his keynote, Collins enumerates examples of each strategy, explaining how each company forged a new competitive advantage to capitalize on opportunities arising from globalization.

Take the Test

Collins keeps audiences engaged in his presentation also by having them rate their own companies' success  -  using his' "Ten Top Strategies Rating Sheet" to compare their efforts to those Collins describes. With the results of their self-evaluation combined with the vivid examples Collins recounts, attendees leave knowing what they're good at and what they must change when they return to the plant.

Right-sized Strategies

Also in the keynote, Collins introduces a unique easy-to-implement Master-Quad-Plan-approach to strategic planning that is a "roll-up-your-sleeves" method companies can implement without a big staff, without spending a fortune and unnecessary time, and without creating a huge business plan binder that will sit, unused, on a bookshelf. Further the plan allows executives to implement the strategies as a series of "building blocks" individually or in any order, rather than as a big, expensive, time-consuming initiative.


Collins' energetic speaking style, use of real-life experiences, and ability to engage manufacturing leaders in meaningful dialogue is truly effective. When people leave Collins' sessions they are compelled to make changes in their organizations.

Joe Boyle
Business Advisor Northern Initiatives
Michigan Manufacturing Technology Center

He brings to the table a powerful combination of not only manufacturing knowledge but also of understanding how to find, develop, and penetrate profitable markets for existing and new products. Thus, he can speak with authority about creating and making products and getting them through sales distribution channels to end-users.

Charles France
Manager of Strategic Services
Economic Development Institute
Georgia Tech University


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