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Five Opportunities for Profitable Manufacturing Growth

Keynote speech reveals where manufacturers will find new profitable growth opportunities in today's hypercompetitive economy.

U.S. manufacturers can win in this new, hypercompetitive global economy, and Mike Collins stands ready help. Drawing from several decades of research and hands-on experience, the author and speaker has identified the hottest opportunities in manufacturing today. In this speech, 5 Opportunities for Profitable Manufacturing Growth, Collins will describe where the New Stars of Manufacturing discovered new, unmet customer demands and rich markets.

The Stars of Manufacturing

Collins' findings are vividly illustrated by the inspirational stories and proven strategies of 25 new "Stars of Manufacturing" that have found new opportunities in the global economy, where others see only challenges. The Stars of Manufacturing are a group of companies that hail from industries old and new that are bucking the downward trend of U.S. manufacturing. All are profitably growing, and many grew right through the manufacturing recession early this decade - even though many compete in sectors that are shrinking in the U.S. In dozens of interviews and years of tracking these successful companies, Collins has amassed and is ready to share the detailed information about the strategies used by these successful small and midsize manufacturing companies.

The Star's stories show that abundant opportunity for profitable growth can be found by:

1. Competing for International Customers - Ninety-five percent of the world's consumers live outside the United States, yet too many executives running small and midsize manufacturing companies continue to focus on serving the 5 percent in the U.S. Hear how the winners find and serve new overseas customers.

2. Preparing for the Outsourcing Rebound - As the they discover that overseas outsourcing isn't always as great as advertised—the quality is questionable, the cost-savings elusive and management complexity more burdensome--U.S. companies are beginning to look closer to home for key products and services. Hear how the winners identify and meet the needs that can't be met by offshore, low-cost competitors.

3. Developing the Promise of New Technologies and Industries - Winning manufacturers are beginning to implement new technologies to enhance their product lines—or to develop entirely new product/service lines. Hear how incorporating nanotechnology, specialty metals, analytical instrumentation, informatics and a host of other emerging technologies is creating new revenue streams for small and midsize manufacturers.

4. Seeking the Proximity Advantage - For many industries, being close to the customer is critical, and many manufacturers have made an art of exploiting that advantage. Hear how successful manufacturers capitalize on situations where closeness trumps cost.

5. Transforming a "Traditional" Industry - Your customers also are racing to meet their customers' fast-changing needs and, in the process, are creating new opportunities for you outside your traditional markets. Hear how growing manufacturers are first to identify and deliver solutions in markets they've never before thought to serve.

Take the Test

Collins keeps audiences engaged in his presentation by having them rate their own companies' success - using his "Key Strategies Rating Sheet" to compare their efforts to those Collins describes. With the results of their self-evaluation combined with the vivid examples Collins recounts, attendees leave knowing what they're good at and what they must change when they return to the plant.

Discounts on Books

As part of a speaking contract, Collins will offer his books to attendees at discounted prices. The books, Saving American Manufacturing and Growth Planning Handbook for Small and Midsize Manufacturers, distill and detail the strategies and tactics that helped small and midsize industrial and technology companies identify profitable growth opportunities and set them on course toward ongoing future growth.


Collins' energetic speaking style, use of real-life experiences, and ability to engage manufacturing leaders in meaningful dialogue is truly effective. When people leave Collins' sessions they are compelled to make changes in their organizations.

Joe Boyle
Business Advisor Northern Initiatives
Michigan Manufacturing Technology Center

He brings to the table a powerful combination of not only manufacturing knowledge but also of understanding how to find, develop, and penetrate profitable markets for existing and new products. Thus, he can speak with authority about creating and making products and getting them through sales distribution channels to end-users.

Charles France
Manager of Strategic Services
Economic Development Institute
Georgia Tech University


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