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Workshop - Finding New Customers and Markets

Time Needed for Presentation:
Workshop 3 - 4 hours*

Finding new customers and markets is the number one problem that must be solved for small and mid-sized manufacturers (SMMs). Customers are closing plants, moving product lines offshore and sourcing goods from overseas. Some customers are driving cost reduction so relentlessly that many SMMs cannot continue to do business with them. Other customers are in markets and industries that are shrinking. Thousands of SMMs have already lost business and need sales.

To survive in this new economy, industrial manufacturers have to find new markets and customers. The President or General Manager must be convinced that there are systematic, proven methods of finding new customers and markets that apply to industrial manufacturers and products.

 Many manufacturers (particularly job shops) have never had to go out into the market and find new customers. They are looking for help.

This seminar provides 6 practical approaches designed specifically for manufacturers of industrial products to find new customers:

  • Customer Analysis: Can you identify the best customers to sell to now and in the future?
  • Quotation Analysis: Using quotations to find new customers and markets.
  • Simple Market Probe: A simple example of a small packaging machine company finding a new market in the dairy industry. Using inexpensive desk research and sales prospecting techniques.
  • Customer Profiling: An example of a midsize job shop finding the right (profitable) customers and expanding into new markets and industries.
  • Inquiries and Sales Prospecting: This is about how to use leads generated by promotion techniques to find new markets and customers.
  • Market Entry with a New Product: This example answers the question of “Is there enough sales potential to justify a large investment of capital to design and manufacture a line of marine cranes?" The techniques used were desk, phone and field research.

* Workshops are interactive events where the manufacturer asks questions on specific problems in their company and the presenter offers solutions that the participant can take back to their plant. Maximum – 25 people and 4 hours.


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