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Michael P. Collins is fast becoming the leading spokesman for small and midsize manufacturers (SMMs).  His refreshing and insightful insights into the problems facing SMMs gives audiences much food for thought. Michael has a unique way of transforming very complex concepts and strategies into simple straightforward talk that is audience driven.

Michael P. Collins's Articles:


Industrial Maintenance & Plant Operation Magazine (IMPO)

What Does It Mean To Have A Creative Workforce? January 2010

How Can Manufacturing Return To Growth? January 2010

Building a Better Mousetrap isn't Enough January 8, 2010
Manufacturers' Corner:
The Myths and Realities of Industrial Market Research
January 11, 2010


Industrial Maintenance & Plant Operation Magazine (IMPO)

Proprietary Brands & Diversification January 2009
Anomalies Of "Things People" February 2009
Automation & Skilled Maintenance March 2009
Is College The Answer? April 2009
Success Is Based On People May 2009
A Debt Culture Run Amok June 2009
Refloating The Boats August 2009
Does Retraining Help? September 2009
A Case For The Apprentice October 2009
The Post Industrial Myth November 2009

The Innovation Gap February 3, 2009
How Can You Improve Long-Term Competitiveness? March 13, 2009
Bringing Manufacturing Back To The U.S.A. April 10, 2009
Choosing Your Future May 5, 2009

Product Design & Development (PD&D)

Developing New Products January 12, 2009
Guest Blogger: The Chaos Of Change February 6, 2009
Reducing Trade Deficit Is Key To Manufacturing Growth February 20, 2009
Show Me the Money April 9, 2009
Is A College Degree The Answer? April 30, 2009
A Debt Culture Run Amok May 29, 2009
Selling The Future July 21, 2009

Profiling Your Best Customers April 8, 2009
Manufacturer's Corner: Making Sure There are Customers June 11, 2009
Manufacturer's Corner:
The Difference Between Industrial and Consumer Marketing
September 1, 2009
Evaluating Independent Manufacturing Reps September 9, 2009
Industrial Marketing: The Dangers of Customer Concentration Spetember 18, 2009
Manufacturer's Corner: The Pitfalls of Shotgun Marketing October 08, 2009
Case Study: Generating Inquiries on a Tight Budget October 16, 2009
Manufacturers' Corner: Can Telemarketing Be Used For Industrial Sales? November 03, 2009
Competitive Intelligence on a Shoestring Budget November 20, 2009

PA Manufacturer

A Prescription Without Diagnosis Can Lead To Malpractice April 2008


Why Strategic Planning Has Not Worked For SMMs April 2009


Industrial Maintenance & Plant Operation Magazine (IMPO)

Taking On Strategic Planning January 2008
Practical Growth: The Quad Plan February 2008
Wanted: Emotional Intelligence March 2008
Idea Surfing: Fighting The Fad April 2008
The New Face Of Job Shops May 2008
Tips on Smart Customization June 2008
Job Quality Over Quantity July 2008
Customers As Collaborators August 2008
Are We Making Progress? September 2008
Lean Tools— Finding A Fit October 2008
Hunters Vs. Meateaters November 2008
QRM For Reducing Lead Times December 2008

The Primary Drivers Of Manufacturing Organizational Change February 12, 2008
What’s Going On Here? February 26, 2008
Can Small Manufacturers Survive? April 22, 2008
It’s Free Trade, Not Fair Trade -- Let’s Level The Playing Field July 25, 2008
Assessing Your Company For Growth August 29, 2008
What is Your Emotional Quotient? September 11, 2008
Caught in the Jaws of Change December 16, 2008

PA Manufacturer

The Price is Right January 2008


Six Simple Questions June/July 2008

Tooling and Production

Behind the Haas Phenomenon February 2008

NTMA Record

Job shops need new strategies for the new economy March 2008

Product Design & Development

Do you want better mousetraps or sales? June 2008

Adapting a Manufacturing Company for New Opportunities and Growth December 15, 2008

Powder Coating

New Strategies for a New Century February 2008


Industrial Maintenance & Plant Operation Magazine (IMPO)

The Maintenance Paradox August 2007
Cost Reduction Alone Won't Save American Manufacturing September 2007
The Challenges of Training Skilled Workers October 2007
How Do We Solve the Wroker Shortage? November 2007
Outsourcing: The Good, The Bad & The Ugly December 2007

Opportunity Abounds In The New Economy August 21, 2007
What Is Your Emotional Quotient? September 11, 2007
The Family Business September 18, 2007

PA Manufacturer

Planning on Growth September 2008

American Machinist

"Book Provides Growth Plan for Small and Mid-Sized Manufacturers" May 2007 Book Review

Plastics News

Smaller Firms Can Still Compete July 20, 2007



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