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Growth Planning Handbook for Small and Midsize Manufacturers

Growth Planning Handbook

To compete and grow, Small and Midsize Manufacturers (SMMs) must go on the attack and look for new customers and markets. To compete in the future will require better external information on customers, competitors, markets, and costs. Yet, there are very few books on how manufacturers of industrial products and services are supposed to do it. And, although many authors "wax on" about how important customers are and that all manufacturers need to find new markets; very few explain how to do it.

The Growth Planning Handbook. provides tools, charts, and step by step instructions on how to gather the necessary information to grow by finding new market opportunities. The Handbook is designed to:

  • tell you how, not what. You will find that this is not a textbookthat tells you the general principals.
  • Order Nowprovide examples of businesses just like those of the business owner reading this book. All examples are type 1, 2 or 3 manufacturers (both product manufacturers and job shops). Never offer solutions used by the giant manufacturers. Small manufacturers are not small versions of large manufacturers. What worked for Boeing probably will not work for Joe.s Welding shop.
  • furnish tools and solutions that can fit your budget. Most methods and tools are described in three different ways to fit type 1, 2 or 3 manufacturers.
  • emphasize one step at a time. Most methods are laid out as step-by-step instructions.
  • illustrate with simple visuals. All sections use checklists, exercises, tables and spreadsheets that you can adapt quickly to your business.

The Growth Planning Handbook is a companion book to Saving American Manufacturing

The Handbook will show you how to

  • profile your best customers
  • identify bad customers that could drive you into bankruptcy
  • how to find new customers
  • how to find new markets
  • how to do competitor intelligence
  • improve cost accounting and pricing
  • to do lost order analysis
  • how to select sales channels and much more.

It concludes with a comprehensive growth plan that can be used to either get back on a growth track or as a turnaround plan for a manufacturing company that has lost its way in the marketplace

This Handbook is written for the thousands of small and midsize manufacturers who offer industrial products and services. My commitment is to offer you, the reader, practical ideas that can be used immediately in your small or midsize manufacturing business with limited time, staff and budget.


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