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Saving American Manufacturing

Growth Planning For Small and Midsize Manufacturers

Saving American Manufacturing coverSaving American Manufacturing is about what we have to do to stop the decline of U.S. manufacturing. The book assumes that there is only so much manufacturers can do to reduce their costs and make their internal processes more efficient. To compete in the globalized economy of the 21st century is going to take more than cost reduction.

Specifically the book outlines the changes that are necessary for manufacturers to not only survive and compete, but to get back on a track of growth by:

  • Finding new customers and markets
  • Increasing the probability of success with new products
  • Creating new channels of distribution
  • Adding specialized services
  • Changing to a new type of organization
  • Paying more attention to cost accounting and pricing
  • Order NowImproving workforce education and training
  • Developing a growth plan

It is the first book written specifically for America’s small and midsize manufacturers, which are 98% of all manufacturing locations. It is the first book that moves the argument for stopping the decline of manufacturing from defensive solutions such as cost reduction to offensive solutions that are customer driven. It is about going on the attack and finding ways to grow, rather then treading water in open ocean hoping that we will be rescued.

Saving American Manufacturing demonstrates that there are opportunities being created by globalization and we can compete. This fact is underscored by many stories of progressive small and midsize manufacturers who are growing despite the obstacles of globalization.


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