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Saving American Manufacturing

Growth Planning For Small and Midsize Manufacturers

Saving American Manufacturing can now be purchased through PayPal. You do not need to have a PayPal account to purchase with a credit card.

If you wish be invoiced and pay by check, please contact Mike Collins at for assistance.
Terms: invoice, net 30. Prices in US dollars.

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Purchase individual copies of "Saving American Manufacturing" for $37.50 each with this button:

If you would like a carton of 16 books for $25.00 each ($400.00 total), use this button:

For a print copy of the companion handbook "Growth Planning Handbook for Small and Midsize Manufacturers," use this button:

For eBook versions of the handbook, either the entire handbook or individual chapters, see this page.

Shipping to addresses in the United States is $4.00 per copy or $10.00 per carton. For additional volume discounts, please contact Mike Collins at for assistance.

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