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Michael Collins is fast becoming the leading spokesman for small and midsize manufacturers (SMMs).  His refreshing and insightful insights into the problems facing SMMs gives audiences much food for thought. Michael has a unique way of transforming very complex concepts and strategies into simple straightforward talk that is audience driven.

Michael P. Collins In The News

  • The Fabricator Biz Talk: "Thriving on Volume, Competing Globally" February, 2009:

    “In the glory days, a few high-volume customers were all that was needed to help a small manufacturer grow. But then globalization came along with the Internet, and suddenly buyers could source products all over the world.”

  • December 5, 2007:

    “Real security for manufacturers is to develop a diverse group of customers and a portfolio of market niches that will help the company be able to ‘ride-out’ the cyclical nature of many industries and the fickle nature of many customers,” says analyst Michael Collins, author of “Saving American Manufacturing.”

  • “Those manufacturers that are growing in the new economy are changing their sales channels to better fit their new customers and the customer’s new needs,” he says.

  • article: Viewpoint -- Saving American Small And Midsized Manufacturers
    July 3, 2007
  • "Cost reduction can only go so far in solving America's manufacturing problem. As globalization continues to increase competitive pressures, manufacturers will reach a limit to cost reduction and operating efficiencies. At some point, finding a new customer and market is a better solution than continuous price reductions. This is the next big challenge facing American manufacturing."
  • Foundry Management & Technology Editorial: "Halfway between the present and the future", May 2007, Robert Brooks
    "Collins forthrightly argues that domestic manufacturers are stuck in a defensive mode, with techniques rooted in cost-cutting and process improvement. His alternative approach is to get manufacturers to be outwardly directed, seeking new customers and markets, offering new products and services, and (he believes) finding new profit sources."


"I recommend SAVING AMERICAN MANUFACTURING because it is a practical, employable resource for those who assist sales associates to identify target customers."

Phil Dickie
Sales/Marketing Consultant

"Book stores have shelves of business books with catchy titles full of noble goals and inspiring direction. What they lack is an answer to the most important question of all for mid size companies: "What can I do today to be in business 10 years from now in the face of crushing competition, unfair customers and a cranky sales force". Collins has finally written a book that gives you practical direction on how to get started facing a global economy. It is one of the few books you will re-read every year to mine it again for answers to challenges that keep coming."

Richard Armstrong
General Manager Palletizer Division
Columbia Machine

"The United States' manufacturing infrastructure is undergoing the most prolific and comprehensive change in the history of our great Nation. Intense foreign competition, skilled worker shortages, recalcitrant government policies, and other factors are threatening the competitive vitality of our manufacturing base. Michael P. Collins’ outstanding book identifies, interprets, and poignantly presents the key external factors and internal/operational imperatives that must be addressed in order for a manufacturing company to remain viable and continue on an improvement path. Without question, this is the finest book ever written for small and medium sized manufacturers. It will remain the authoritative work on the subject for years to come and is a "must read" for every individual in a decision making capacity."

Yurij Wowczuk
Vice President
Sexton Can Company, A Division of ITW

"Mike Collins has it right. U.S. manufacturers have no room left to gain competitiveness by lowering costs and improving quality – ala lean manufacturing and ISO 9000. Answering six essential questions, they must now look outside their businesses for new customers, markets, and opportunities. His "how to's" and eight real-life methods are "must read and do" for SMM's - small to medium size manufacturers. His book is a hands-on recipe for turn-arounds and developing profitable growth strategies."

Charles France
Manager of Strategic Services
Enterprise Innovation Institute


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